Community Service

Museum Quilt Guild maintains an active community service program.   Each year we host one or two work meetings where members gather to work on quilts which will be distributed into our local community according to need.  Members also donate quilts they have made themselves.   Currently we distribute to the VA Medical Center, NYS Veteran's Home, WNY Foster Closet, Lipson Cancer Center Institute, Wilmot Cancer Institute and All Babies Cherished.   We also distribute quilts to local churches, agencies or charities for their fundraising activities.

A Thank you......When I finished my chemo at the Wilmot Center in Batavia, I received my choice of a beautiful lap quilt donated by your guild. I was overwhelmed by your generosity and talent. As I am a life time sewer, I appreciate the time and talent to make such a beautiful gift. It is too stunning to use as a quilt so I have hung it where I see it every day and think of the good wishes that went into it's making. Thank you so much for the wonderful gift, I cherish it. It helped through a difficult and scary time.

Once again, we will be donating both filled and empty fabric gift bags to the Salvation Army. Each bag requires a fat quarter and approximately 24 inches of ribbon. Instructions for the bag itself as well as items to fill the bags can be found here.   Cash donations to fill the gift bags will also be accepted. The deadline for all types of donations - filled gift bags, empty gift bags or cash will be Saturday, November 19, 2022.


Ongoing Community Service Projects.

1).  We have connected with the Buffalo chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP), to make twin size quilts for children aged 2-17 years.  The quilts are for standard twin size beds.  If donating a quilt top, please make it no larger than 66" x 84" so a standard twin batting can be used.   

You can learn more about the organization at  They also have a Facebook page you can follow:  Sleep in Heavenly Peace—Buffalo. 

2)  The Batavia chapter of the Salvation Army is in need of reusable grocery bags for those in the community who walk and pick up groceries.  Below are a couple of pattern links or, if you have a pattern you already use, please feel free to use that pattern.  In addition, we will collect extra new or clean, gently used bags you may already have.  You can drop them off to us, or, you may want to deliver them yourself on Monday , Wednesday, or Friday from 9:30-12:30 at 529 East Main Street, Batavia.   You can just pull into the parking lot behind the building, follow the signs, and a volunteer will come to your car to accept the donation.

 Wheel Chair Quilts for VA Medical Center

The VA Medical Center has asked for some lap quilts, specifically for those persons in wheelchairs.  If you have a quilt to donate to this Community Service project, please contact the Chairpersons for drop off.  


Click Here for a chart on preferred sizes for use with wheelchairs.