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National Teacher - 2021

Timna Tarr

Timna Tarr.jpg

“My work is about color and small compositions. Each block in a quilt is made as its own element, independent of the other blocks. After all of the blocks are constructed, my goal is to arrange the small compositions to play off each other and work together to create a larger whole. What keeps me engaged is watching how the project changes and transforms with the addition of each color and texture.

The resulting quilts are contemporary works, set in this time and place, which reference the rich tradition of quilt making.”


Timna Tarr comes from a long line of quilters but did not begin quilting until after studying art history in college. She bought her first longarm in 2001 and began quilting clients' quilts shortly thereafter. Timna’s own nationally award-winning quilts are in private and corporate collections. They have also been seen in numerous exhibits, magazines, and books as well as on The Quilt Show and Quilting Arts TV.  Timna is an in-demand teacher and speaker, traveling across the U.S. She lives in South Hadley, MA and works out of her studio in Holyoke, MA.

Timna will be hosting 2 workshops, shown below.  Class fees and location to be determined.

Thursday, October 14, 2021 - “O Happy Day”. Learn how to make a very happy quilt while also having a great time! We start the workshop by playing with fabrics and color to help us loosen up our color muscles. Timna with teach five (or more!) techniques on how to make perfect circles, using both hand and machine techniques. Come prepared to play, experiment, and have fun.  

Friday, October 15, 2021 - “Stitched Mosaic”.   Create photorealistic quilts one square at a time in this one-day workshop. Learn the techniques that make up Timna’s Barnyard Series of animal quilts. Using a photo and kit provided in class, the process of making a fabric mosaic using turned edge machine applique is explained. We will break down the construction process, explore color and value as design elements, and learn how to choose the right fabric for the right location. 


On Saturday October 16, 2021 Timna will be the guest presenter at our regular guild meeting at 9:30 AM held at the VA Medical Center,  222 Richmond Avenue, Batavia, NY (Bldg 4, west end, 2nd floor).  


Registration for the workshops will open in early 2021 to members, and summer 2021 to non-members if space available. 


You can follow Timna on her Facebook page - Timna Tarr Quilts - and see her gallery and workshop details at

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