2020  -  2021

We are very excited to announce we will be back in person meetings together beginning on June 19, 2021.     Our summer meetings for June, July and August will be held at DeWitt Park on Cedar Street in Batavia.   Please CLICK HERE for directions to the park.    We will be following all CDC Guidelines.   Questions?For the next 3 month we will have guest presenters during our regular Zoom meetings.     Beginning in June, for the months of June, July and August we have secured an outdoor location where we can meet together in person.



Guild Meeting Dates
June 19, 2021 DeWitt Park on Cedar Street in Batavia, NY   
Show and Tell, Library, Free Table, Fabric Pool

July 17, 2021 DeWitt Park on Cedar Street in Batavia, NY
August 21, 2021 DeWitt Park on Cedar Street in Batavia.

"Click Here" for directions! 


We will be following the CDC Guidelines.   Those who are vaccinated will not need to mask.    If you are unvaccinated, we request that you follow the guidelines by wearing a mask.   Masks may be required when using the restroom. Hand sanitizer will be provided at several locations around the pavilion. Please wear your nametag, so we can recognize you!
There will not be a sign in table, but the membership committee will be taking attendance near the back of the pavilion.
Picnic tables are provided at the pavilion. We ask that you observe social distancing rules when choosing a place to sit. We may not be able to stay 6 feet apart at all times, but we should not be bunched together.
You may want to bring a cushion to sit on. If you have one, a “Stadium seat” would provide you a backrest. For those who do not wish to use the picnic tables, there is space along the edges of the pavilion for lawn chairs. (You might be sitting in the sun, however).
We cannot guarantee the cleanliness of the tables. We will have sheets and tablecloths for as many tables as we can. If you wish to bring one in case it is needed, your tablemates will thank you!
There are a lot of geese in the park, so there are also goose droppings. Please dress accordingly and watch your step!





March 20th -  Zoom lecture with Sue Sherman


Our speaker, Sue Sherman, lives in Canada and is an international award winning quilt artist, presenter and teacher.  Sue’s lecture is a “Quilting Journey of a Renaissance Woman”, where we will be treated to a trunk show of Sue’s quilts and their stories.


Check out Sue’s website to see some of her quilts.  She also has several YouTube Tutorials and an Etsy shop.


April 17th - Zoom lecture with Timna Tarr.  


Timna is a national award-winning quilter, and has quilts in private and corporate collections. Her quilts are also in numerous exhibits, magazines, and books as well as on The Quilt Show and Quilting Arts TV. She lives in South Hadley, MA and works out of her studio in Holyoke, MA.


At our April meeting, Timna will present her lecture ‘Before and After: Repeating Patterns’. In this lecture she will show the utilitarian quilts from her life, and how they planted the seeds that became the contemporary works that she now creates.


Timna offers several workshops online for $35.  The workshops are made up of pre-recorded videos, text, and photos. Once purchased, you can view them as many times as you like through June 2022.  


Pictures of Timna’s work and details on her workshops can be found at:


May 15th- Zoom lecture with Patricia Belyea.


Patricia and her daughter Victoria Stone are co-owners of Okan Arts in Seattle.  Mesmerized by the beauty of Japanese textiles, they are makers of creative quilts, teachers, and speakers.


Patricia’s lecture will be ‘The Alluring World of Japanese Yukata Quilts’. She will take us on an insider tour of the 2020 Tokyo Quilt Festival as well as showing us her own quilts.


Details about Patricia’s work can be found at her website:


September 18, 2021  

October 16, 2021

November 20, 2021

December 11, 2021