We will be playing Bingo using a quilt block to be donated to Community Service.  We will use buttons or coins to mark the squares during the game. 

Materials for your block/ game card (choose fabric from the following categories: Batik, floral, geometric, heart, leaf, metallic, holiday, novelty, paisley, plaid, dots, stripes, stars, 30s prints

5- 2 ½” squares assorted yellow fabrics

5- 2 ½” squares assorted red prints

4- 2 ½” squares assorted greens

5- 2 ½” squares assorted blues

5 21/2” squares assorted purples

1- 2 ½” square black

To make the block, sew each color family into a row, using the black as the center of the green row.

Sew the rows together to form a rainbow from left to right: red, yellow, green, blue, purple. The black square should be the center of the block.  Each person should plan to play one “board” for the game, but you may make additional blocks if you wish!