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Sew and Swap

Each month a quilt block will be selected for guild members to make.  Make a block, bring it to the guild meeting for that month and enter your name for a drawing to win ALL the blocks.

July Block Swap - July 16, 2022

The instructions for this month’s block- a simple double 4 patch-  include several different ways to lay out these blocks- so much fun!  The pdf can be found here:

PLEASE NOTE:  We are using the measurements for an 8 inch block.  So for each block you need:

2: 2½” x 5½” rectangle of Fabric 1- your lightest value fabric

1: 2½” x 5½” rectangle and

1: 4½” square from each of the other two fabrics.  There should be a strong contrast between Fabric 1 and the other two.

These measurements are on page 3 of the instructions.  As always, you may submit more than one block, but may only enter the drawing once. 



May Block Swap - May 21, 2022

Uneven Nine Patch








April Block - Guild Meeting - April 9, 2022


This block was submitted by Liz Scott. 

The original 3 inch block was designed

by Bonnie Hunter

These instructions will make a

SIX inch (finished) block. You need small pieces

of fabric for this, so it's great for scraps!

From your background, cut 4- 2 1/2inch squares

From your butterfly fabric, cut 3 rectangles 2 1/2" by 6 1/2"

Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the background squares


Place the squares on two of the rectangles, making sure they are oriented correctly.  Sew just next to the line on the seam allowance side to ensure the background will be large enough after stitching. 


You may cut away the extra layers or not.  I always trim one layer, but had to cut both to avoid the butterfly fabric showing through the background. 


Sew one "wing" unit to each side of the center rectangle. 


Press toward the center rectangle.

I look forward to seeing lots of bright butterflies at the April  meeting!

February Block - Guild meeting - February 19, 2022

Sew & Swap - February.jpg
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